OPEN YOUR HEART AND HOME to a Face the World international high school student! We are looking for families just like yours  - who are willing to open up their heart and home to one of our students. Our families are interested in other cultures and youth, and seek the experience of a lifetime

familyAs a host family, you will become part of the worldwide Face the World, a leader in student exchange programs. Your generous hospitality, understanding, and enthusiasm form the foundation of our programs. You will build friendships and relationships with students and families around the world. By hosting an international student you are providing an opportunity for community and school outreach and can impact the lives of those around you.

Face the World places students with volunteer host families in the United States, providing students with a caring and safe home environment.

beach familyHost families are able to experience firsthand the joy of exchanging cultures. Face the World host families open up their hearts and learn that youth from all around the world have many of the same qualities and interests as American youth. They treat our students like one of their own children. You will be providing your family with an experience and education that you could never get from a book. The student and family are quickly immersed into cultural exchange, and you are constantly seeing our country and world through different eyes.